The European Association of Young Economists (EAYE) is an association run by volunteer young economists for young economists. The primary objective of the association is to foster interactions between young non-tenured researchers in economics.

The association is well-known for its annual conference, the Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE). Created by Uwe Dulleck and Achim Wambach in 1996, the SMYE had 30 participants in its first edition. Today, the SMYE has become an international event. It has been organized in 13 different countries, gathers around 150 young researchers and usually receives around 700 submissions every year. 

In the last years, the EAYE has developed its activities. We now also organize thematic workshops and sessions at the EEA-ESEM Congress dedicated to topics especially important for young economists. The EAYE promotes the work of young economists regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability and economic status. It relies on the values of research excellence, transparency, inclusiveness and openness. Every young economist is welcome to propose new activities in line with the objectives and values of the EAYE. 

You can find the current members of the EAYE board here


We are pleased to announce that the Collegio Carlo Alberto will host the SMYE 2023 in Turin. This year, the conference will be held in fall, from September 6 to 8. You can find all relevant information on the conference website.

Bids for hosting the SMYE:

We accept bids for hosting future editions of the SMYE. We are especially interested in cities that are well connected and where the SMYE was not hosted lately. Locations of previous editions can be found here.

If you or someone in your institution might be interested, please get in touch: christoph *dot* albert *at*

Bids for hosting an EAYE Workshop:

We accept bids for organizing and hosting an EAYE Workshop on a specific topic within economics on an ongoing basis. The goal of the EAYE Workshops is to facilitate the interaction between young non-tenured researchers with senior experts in their specific field. We welcome submissions for all types of workshops: interactive workshop concepts, job market trainings, or intense feedback rounds with one to two experienced researchers.

Please be in touch and ask for more information and a short call before considering a potential bid: eichenauer *at*