"The Meeting of Young Economists serves a unique purpose in that it targets the younger end of our research community and is organized by them. I was really impressed by the quality of the program and I very much enjoyed being part of it."
Manuel Arellano

"Attending the Meeting of Young Economists in Mallorca was a wonderful experience. The setting was idyllic, the organization was flawless, and I had the chance to meet a number of brilliant young European economists. I also found the presentation/discussion format particularly effective. This conference was definitely one of the highlights of my Spring term."
Pol Antrás

"I greatly enjoyed participating in the 2018 Spring Meeting of Young Economists. The presentations and discussions were of a high standard, and I really appreciated the interactions with the participants, which in some cases have continued since the conference by email. The organizers were extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Overall, a very stimulating experience."
Margaret Meyer

"The SMYE is known as a unique forum to discuss interesting new ideas with many enthusiastic, curious, and critical young economists. It’s true! I thoroughly enjoyed my participation at the 2017 edition!"
Uwe Sunde

"I enjoyed greatly my participation at the 2017 SMYE meeting. The quality of the presentations was outstanding and there was a wonderful atmosphere. I left with the impression that the future of economics in Europe is a bright one.”
Jordi Galí

"The future of Europe's community of economists is brighter than ever, and this is nowhere better on display than at the SMYE."
Georg Weizsäcker

"The SMYE conference was really a great opportunity to see the latest research done by some of the best graduate students throughout Europe. I especially enjoyed the friendly and constructive atmosphere during the talks and the enthusiastic work done by the organizers of the conference!"
Barbara Rossi

"I was impressed by this young group of economist who were dedicated in their interest in doing rigorous economic analysis. They bode well for the future of the discipline in Europe."
Dale T. Mortensen

"Young, Economists, in the Spring, who are worth Meeting: What's not to like?!"
Joshua Angrist

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Meeting of Young Economists. It was great to interact with so many smart, young economists. A terrific experience."
Peter Diamond